[Top 6] Sink Options For Your Farmhouse to Buy Right Now

Farmhouse style sinks are getting more and more popular by the day. And the reason behind this increase in popularity is quite obvious. These sinks feature a deep bowl and an open design which makes them quite practical while also ensuring an overall aesthetic look. Therefore, many homeowners are now interested in getting a farmhouse sink installed in their kitchen. 

When it comes to picking a farmhouse sink for the house, there are a handful of available options. There are so many variations in terms of design and use that one can easily get confused about which one to buy and which one to let go of. 

But with the vast range and variety, it is still important for one to make the right choice and pick a farmhouse sink that is truly worth it. You need to find a sink that can meet your requirements, get the job done and will also go well with the overall aesthetics and theme of the kitchen. 

To help you in this regard, we went ahead and started searching for the best farmhouse kitchen sink. We came across a handful of options, but our goal was clear i.e. to find a choice that is nothing but the best. So here is the result of our survey. A list of the top six farmhouse sink options, that are all truly worth it. 

Top Six Farmhouse Sinks

1.  Kraus KWF410-36 KORE Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

Kraus KWF410-36 KORE Kitchen Sink Single BowlWorkstation Included

One of the perks of the Kraus Kitchen Sink is the fact that it comes with a workstation integrated into the design. This saves a lot of space. Since the workstation is integrated within the sink, one can also wash large-sized utensils in the bowl. 

Plus, you no longer need to find a space to dry the utensils. The built-in rack will do the job for you. On one end of the sink is the rack while the other end features a bamboo cutting board that you can use to chop your vegetables and fruits etc. Washing, drying, and managing the utensils will become a lot more easy and effective thanks to the workstation that is built into the sink’s design. 


When buying this farmhouse sink, you can be a hundred percent certain that you have made the right choice. The sink is made out of heavy-duty steel that will not get damaged easily. It is also corrosion-resistant which makes it an ideal selection as the sink will obviously be getting wet several times a day. The finishing of the sink is also quite sturdy. The shine will not go away and the sink will remain sparkly and shine like a new one even after years of use. The bowl of the sink is also spacious so that it can easily accommodate a number of dishes at the same time and manage space in an efficient manner. 

Easy Drainage

You will not find water accumulating within the sink or have trouble with the drainage system. The drainage system of the sink has been carefully engineered to ensure that the water flows easily. The drainage system is also insulated so that it can cut down on the noise and the vibration that the drainage system may cause. You can run water without having to worry that it may not drain well. Rest assured that the drainage system of the sink will take care of the flow of water and you will not end up with a clogged drain.

  • Specially engineered drainage system for efficient water flow
  • Workstation included saves a lot of space
  • Durable and heavy-duty construction for longevity and ease of use.
  • The surface of the sink tends to get scratched quite easily.


2.  ZUHNE Stainless Steel Double Basin Farmhouse Sink


ZUHNE Stainless Steel Double Basin Farmhouse SinkCorrosion Resistant

You can be a hundred percent certain that this farmhouse sink will last you for years to come. Made out of surgical grade Stainless Steel, the sink is both tough as well as durable. It will not get damaged easily. Moreover, the sink will also not rust or corrode. You might notice some rusting in the sink, but that would not be because of the sink. Rather, any rusting utensil might leave a stain. But that stain too can be gently wiped away from the sink without much hassle. 

Assembly And Installation

The assembly and installation of the sink are not an issue at all. The box comes with the sink, two colander sets, a stopper, a sponge holder, a cut-out template, and other relevant accessories. You can use the template to cut the cabinet where the sink is to be installed. The manual provided is also quite detailed and in-depth. Once the cutting is done, you can go ahead and install the sink in place. If the template is followed properly, the sink will sit in place perfectly with no gap left around. 


The design of the sink not only looks aesthetic but is great in terms of space efficiency as well. The in-depth bowl of the sink has ample space to hold the utensils. There are a handful of accessories like the drainage rack and the colander set that are included with the sink. These accessories further complement the use of the sink and enhance its efficiency and utility. 

  • Easy installation thanks to the cutting template provided.
  • Space-efficient design
  • Includes a range of accessories for further ease of use and space management
  • Requires a custom cut slab according to the template provided and cannot be installed otherwise.


3.  BOCHHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron Front Fireclay Single Bowl Kitchen Sink


BOCHHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron Front Fireclay Single Bowl Kitchen SinkEnvironment Friendly

This farmhouse sink is natural and organic. This is because it is made out of all-natural and environmentally friendly material. When buying this sink, you can be a hundred percent certain that the environment has not been harmed even one percent during the construction and design of the sink. 

All the material that has been used in the construction of the sink has been recycled. Even the carbon footprint of the sink construction is significantly reduced as compared to that of the manufacturing of other sinks. 

Durable And Strong

This sink is both durable as well as sturdy. It is impact resistant which means that it will not get damaged easily. You can be certain that even placing heavy utensils and pans in the sink or on its top. Moreover, the sink is also heat resistant therefore you can also place hot utensils on it without worrying that you may end up damaging the sink. It can tolerate temperatures up to 2000 Fahrenheit. It is also stain resistant so you will not see utensils or rust staining and ruining the aesthetic of the sink. 

Easy To Clean

Since the surface of the sink is made out of ceramic, therefore it is not porous and does not allow stains to sink into the material. The stains will remain on top of the surface and cleaning the sink would only require it to be wiped. Simply use a wipe to clean the surface of the sink. Avoid using any abrasive substance or a harsh cleaner as that may damage the surface of the sink or leave scratches. The ceramic surface is also way more hygienic as compared to other materials. 

  • Easy to clean and hygienic ceramic surface
  • Impact and stain-resistant sink
  • Made out of recycled, environmentally friendly material.
  • The drainage system of the sink needs to be improved.


4.  Lordear 33-inch Farmhouse Sink Apron Front Single Bowl Farm Kitchen Sink

Lordear 33-inch Farmhouse Sink Apron Front Single Bowl Farm Kitchen SinkPatent Design

This sink features a patent design that is practical and durable. The bottom of the sink is sloped. This allows for better drainage and prevents the sink from getting clogged. The grid of the sink is made out of stainless steel which ensures durability. The sink is perfect for regular use as the stainless steel grid will neither get damaged nor will corrode easily. 

The design perfectly fits in all the accessories of the sink which further helps save space. Rather than having to let the dishes dry in the open or separately, you can use the rack to hold the dishes once you are done washing them. This sink will surely be an ideal choice for a kitchen where there is not a lot of space and the owners want to utilize the space in the best and most efficient manner possible. 

Strength And Durability

Both the design as well as the material of the sink are the reason behind its strength and durability. The deep sink balances the weight perfectly so that it can hold utensils easily. You can also use it to wash heavy pots and pans because it will not get damaged nor will its shape change. 

The stainless steel material is tough and also stays strong even when submerged in water. Therefore, you can be certain that the sink will not rust or corrode. The shine and the finishing of the sink is such that it will also remain as good as new for a very long time. 

Noise Reduction

Almost all of us have experienced the irritating sound of the drain trying to push the blockage down and ensure the perfect water flow. When using this sink, thankfully, that noise would be eliminated entirely. Featuring a silencer pad, the drain will ensure that the pipeline remains clear as silently as possible. It will push the blockage through the pipe without exerting too much pressure. Even if some force has to be deployed, the silencer will absorb most of the sound and the vibrations which would mean that the sink remains to clog free with minimal noise. 

  • Silencer pad reduces drain clearing sound
  • Stainless steel construction is reliable and heavy duty
  • Efficient, space saving design, ideal for small sized kitchens
  • The ledges tend to develop holes.


5.  KOHLER K-5827-0 Whitehaven Farmhouse Self-Trimming Undermount Sink


KOHLER K-5827-0 Whitehaven Farmhouse Self-Trimming Undermount SinkLong-Lasting

If you are in search of a sink that will last you for a very long time, the KOHLER Whitehaven Farmhouse Self-Trimming Undermount Sink would not let you down. The sink is extremely durable and will not chip, get damaged, or burn even after extensive use. 

Therefore, when buying this sink, you can have peace of mind that you are spending your money on the right product that will not let you down. The sink is totally worth spending on and you can even think of it as a long-term investment as it will be in use for years to come. The material and structure of the sink support heavy-duty and regular use. 


When using this farmhouse sink, the users will not have to worry about stains or heat. It is a stain and heat-resistant sink. Therefore, you will not find the sink staining easily. The cast iron finishing of the sink does not allow stains to penetrate through the material. 

This way, the sink becomes very easy to clean. You can be a hundred percent certain that all the stains you see on the sink will remain on the surface and can easily be wiped away. Similarly, the sink is also heat resistant. Therefore, you can easily place hot pots and pans in the sink. They will not damage the sink in any way. 

Design and Aesthetics

It is not only the practicality and usage of the sink that is great and efficient, but the design and aesthetic of the sink are also quite impressive. There are a handful of design variations to choose from. You can pick any color and style that you feel would look best given your kitchen theme and aesthetic. There are also a couple of style options. You can go for the undermount sink, a top mount sink as well as a freestanding sink. You can pick any style variation that is practical and will be able to fulfill your needs. 

  • Versatile style and design options to choose from.
  • Stain and heat resistant farmhouse sink.
  • Made from recycled material that is safe for the environment
  • The sink is not entirely rust resistant and does tend to corrode over time.


6.  White Farmhouse Sink


White Farmhouse SinkDesign

This deep sink comes with an arched apron design. The arch at the front of the sink makes it extremely attractive. It will surely complement any kitchen design. It will look extremely beautiful and aesthetic in any kitchen. The elegance of the design of the sink paired with its finishing adds to the aesthetic of the sink. 

There are also many sink color variations available so you can pick a variety that best suits the needs and aesthetics of your kitchen. There are so many options for you to pick from that you will surely find one that is best according to your taste and the theme of your kitchen. 

Complete Kit

The sink comes with a comprehensive set of accessories. You will find a thirty-inch sink in the package. The sink itself is very easy to install. It is shipped in a single piece therefore, it does not require any assembly. 

You simply have to take the sink and install it in the sink cutout. Other than the sink, you will also find a stainless steel grid, basket strainer, a cotton apron, an oven glove, and oven mitts with the sink. Thus everything you need to make use of the sink is included in the package so you will not have to go ahead and buy anything separately. The accessories enhance the utility and efficiency of the sink. 

Material And Construction

The white clay finishing of the sink is both aesthetically pleasing as well as durable. You will see that this sink is durable and tough. It will not break or crack. The sink also comes with a lifetime warranty that is a reflection of the fact that the manufacturer takes full pride in the construction and the quality of the sink. 

You will see that this sink will remain good as new even after years of use. And another amazing fact about this sink is the fact that its surface is not prone to scratching. This is the case with stainless steel sinks. But since this one has a ceramic finish, therefore, the users do not have to worry about scratching the surface of the sink. 

  • Ceramic finish that is durable and will not scratch easily.
  • Easy to clean, install and use.
  • Attractive color and design.
  • Requires a custom cut and cannot be installed in a pre-cut slab.



Some people don’t have that much space in their kitchen. Therefore, they need a sink that is efficient in terms of space and can serve multiple purposes at once. A farmhouse sink is an excellent choice for such people. The farmhouse sink design is extremely practical. This means that it will help you save up a lot of space in the kitchen. Plus the overall aesthetics are also quite cool which goes well with most kitchen themes. 

You will find a lot of farmhouse sink varieties in the market. But not all of them are as durable as they seem to be. Some farmhouse sinks are of poor quality. They tend to break and chip quite easily. 

While there are other sinks that stain quite often and end up looking unhygienic and filthy. Some people have also complained that their farmhouse sink lost its finish and its shine diminished within no time. If you want to avoid having to face such issues, it is important that you make the right choice and pick a sink that is perfect in all respects.

To help you in this regard, we went ahead and reviewed some of the best farmhouse kitchen sinks in the market. We compared their features and then gathered a list of the sinks that are truly worth it. The sinks mentioned in this review have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are up to the mark in terms of reliability, durability, performance as well as quality, and overall aesthetics. 


Is a farmhouse sink worth it?
Absolutely. A farmhouse sink is an excellent addition to any kitchen. The biggest advantage of a farmhouse sink is the fact that it is efficient in terms of space and utilization. It is highly recommended for kitchens where there is a shortage of space. The depth of the sink allows it to fit a large number of utensils at the same time. Plus these sinks come with an amazing set of accessories like the dish racks and cutting boards that further enhance the efficiency and utility of the sink. You will notice that the sink will serve multiple purposes at once. Therefore, spending money on a farmhouse sink is a decision that you will never regret.
Do farmhouse sinks chip easily?
Most of the farmhouse sinks are quite durable and strong. But there are some variations that are not that great in terms of quality. Therefore, such farmhouse sinks do tend to chip quite easily. If you want to be certain that you are making the right decision and selecting the right farmhouse kitchen sink, you should do some research and pick a sink option that is truly reliable and dependable. The sinks with a ceramic finish or stainless steel construction are the best as they have a stronger surface that will not chip easily and will last for years.
Do farmhouse sinks add value?
Yes, they do. They are a great addition to any kitchen in terms of both practicalities as well as aesthetics. Therefore, you can surely consider investing in them. You will find them to be an excellent addition to any kitchen. You will notice that the space utilization will improve significantly when you install a farmhouse sink in your kitchen. It will also improve the overall look of your kitchen. Therefore, spending money on a farmhouse kitchen is an excellent investment for any kitchen.
What is the difference between apron sink and farmhouse sink?
Both apron sink, as well as a farmhouse sink, refer to the same type of sinks. These sinks are deep and have a curved edge on the outside. The edge is not only a design element but is also important as it helps prevent the splashing of water and retains it within the sink rather than having it spill all around the kitchen.


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