[Top 12] Shower Remodel Ideas – In 2021

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. If you don’t pay attention to the bathroom then it will affect the overall look of your home. Therefore you need to have a good bathroom that would be attractive for everyone.

Now you have to remodel your bathroom but you might don’t have the idea of how you can renovate it or give it a new shape. Don’t worry we are here for you. We will tell you about the 12 best shower remodeling ideas that will change the overall look of your home.

1.  Marble Bathhouse

Marble Bathhouse

The marble is the most attractive when it comes to designing your home. There are many top-notch interior designers that prefer the marble bathhouse because of its versatility of design and colors. If you make your whole bathroom marble it will look really attractive.

The patterns of the marble floor, bathtub, washbasin everything would be the same it would make it really attractive and beautiful that you will not leave the bathroom.

2.  Bath with a View

This design is not for everyone this is especially for the ones who live in the mountains and they have a beautiful view from their house. If you are living in the mountains then you can implement this design.

Select a place from where you have a beautiful view of the mountains and then put a full glazed window in the wall and put the bathtub there. This way you can enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains while taking the bath. This also looks really cool and one of the new designs of 2021.

3.  Tub and Shower

This is a very good design but not a very new design there are many other shapes of this design which I have seen implemented in many places so, in this design, you can put the bathtub and the shower both in your bathroom.

This means that you are giving the choice to the people who are going to be taking a bath that they can lay down in the bathtub and enjoy the shower or they also can take a shower so, this really looks cool.

4.  Change Tiles

Change Tiles

If you are thinking that your bathroom is good but it looks older and you need to do something then the best option you have is that change the tiles according to your taste. There are many tasty and color options in the market that you can go with and that will really suit your bathroom and make it look new.

But if you are bored with the tiles then you can try stones but I would suggest you go with the Yangtze River limestone this is now in trend and also looks really beautiful in the bathroom and make it very attractive.

5.  Fireside Bathroom

You might think that I am mad but this looks really amazing and gorgeous if you did it with your bathroom especially if you are in the area where every time of the year winter rules so, you can take bath and then sit in front of the fireside.

You can also add the wooden work in the washroom floors and everything this will compliment the fireside and looks really attractive. You can also try some creative things with your bathroom and it will look really beautiful and creative too.

6.  Bright and open

This is also a very good design idea that you can try with your bathroom if you are someone who likes to take bath in the brighter areas then you should look into this design. You can build a full window on one side of the wall according to the sun of your area.

This way it would look really cool and beautiful and your bathroom will be brighter all day and if you want air so, you can open those windows so, you will feel more comfortable while taking bath.

7.  Tube shower

Tube shower

You might have seen that most of the shower places are square if you want to do something creative and make your washroom look attractive then do one thing make the shower place round. This would give your shower place a new and attractive look.

If anyone comes to your house he will be amazed in taking the shower in the tube so, you can try this design out and this is not something that everybody is doing nowadays so, you will look good.

8.  Vintage Bath

If you are a fan of vintage things then this design is for you. You can design your bath like vintage baths. You can add the vintage colors by adding the vintage tiles, furniture, and light pendants.

This would look very attractive and anyone who will see it nothing can stop him by appreciating your creativity and excellence. You would pay attention to every detail that is things are as you planned. You can also take professional help if you needed.

9.  Classic Bathroom

This is also a very good design idea in this bathroom there is nothing extraordinary you can do with your bathroom the only thing is that add the class within your existing bathroom.

You can add the tub chairs, flooring and also change the colors of the walls add some old classic painting at the back of the bathtub. The one thing which you can do according to your taste is that add an old music recorder in the bathroom so, you can listen to the classic music while taking bath.

10.  Minimalistic Bathroom

Minimalistic Bathroom

This one is one of our favorite designs of the bathrooms that you can also copy in your bathroom. The minimalist bathrooms mean that you have very short things in the bathrooms that are needed and other space is empty.

In this, you can add a very minimalistic egg-shaped bathtub and a very good-looking vintage ceiling this combination would look really amazing and it would transform your bathroom and overall look of your home.

11.  Japanese Bathroom

This is also a very attractive type of bathroom you can do multiple things with it. You can add the bathtub and basins all made of the same wood. Wood can be changed but we will suggest you go with the Hiba wood this will look really amazing.

Don’t forget to add a Hiba wood stool in the bathroom. If you want to make it more attractive then make a glass window at one end of the bathroom that would give you a view of the outside. This you can do if your window has some natural views of trees or something otherwise it will not fulfill the requirements of this bathroom.

12.  Ordinary Bathroom

If you are a fan of simple designs then you should try this one it is the simplest form of the bathroom. In this bathroom, you can add a free-standing bathtub and simple white walls that would compliment the designs of the bathroom.

This will look very attractive and effective with the rustic beam ceiling you can also try something new and creative according to your taste. We will suggest you add some vintage hanging lights that will give your washroom a whole new look.


The bathroom is the important part of your home and every guest who comes into your home need to use it so, you should make it wisely because that thing can make or break your impression.

If you plan to remodel your bathroom then these are 12 designs that we will suggest you go with these are the latest and creative ideas for your bathroom that were implemented by the top-notch interior designers in the mansions.

This will transform the overall look of your home that everyone who comes into your home will appreciate your creativity. These can be done under the budget of $10000 and you can go up to $25000 but if your budget is less then it is also possible in a very less budget.


How much should a shower remodel cost?
It depends on your budget that how you are going to do it because if your budget is good then it will not more than $5000 but if you are on a budget and want to do something economical then you can do it under $500 so, it depends on your design and what you are trying to do with your bathroom.
How much does a tiled walk-in shower cost?
The rate of the tiled walk-in shower is around $5000 to $9000 if we consider the 32-inch square model. This price can be different according to your location and the taxes involved in it. This cost is without the fitting and plumbing expenses but you add those too then it would cost more so, it is an expensive deal.
What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?
If we consider all the major things then the most important part that will cost more is the labor because all other things are cheap and you can find them easily but finding labor on a low budget is not possible and this is the most part that takes your a lot of money.
Can you remodel a bathroom for $5000?
Yes, it is a good budget for remodeling the bathrooms you can also increase the budget and go to the $25000 but if you don’t have this money you can also remodel it under the $1000. At $5000 you can easily remodel your bathroom and make it very attractive.
Is it cheaper to tile a shower?
It depends on your design of tiles there are some design that is really cheap but if you are looking for some customized tiles then you have to pay a good amount for that and it will also look really good in your bathroom and give it a new look so, the estimation depends on your choice of tiles.


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