Master Bathroom Sinks – Ideas and Buyer Guides [2021]

When it comes to planning about your master bathrooms, there a lot to be discussed. The interior, the floors, the cabinets, mirrors, and most importantly, the sinks. Yes, master bathrooms should have a master kind of sinks as well. Right?

Today, when there are thousands of different ideas about making your bathrooms look luxurious and elegant, there is a lot of confusion as well. Such as what type of sinks to choose, what should be the color theme, the arrangement, and a lot more.

In this very article, we are going to talk specifically about the Master Bathroom Sinks to make it easier and helpful for you to choose for yourself.

The Sink Type – Wall Mounted, Undermount, Vessel, or Semi-Recessed?

It is really important to make up your mind about the type of sink you want. No doubt, the sink type plays a great role in giving your bathrooms a luxurious and spa-like environment.

Wall Mounted Sinks – They are definitely a great choice for a modern bathroom. These sinks are attached to the walls and remain open underneath. They are becoming a great trend these days and the best thing about them is that they can be installed in small spaces as well.

Wall Mounted Sinks

Undermount and Vessel Sinks – If you want a classic kind of look for your bathroom, then the Undermounted and Vessel sinks are for you. They add great value and an eye-catching elegant look to the room. Both the undermount and Vessel sinks look super modern, so you can decide for yourself now.

Undermount and Vessel Sinks

Semi-Recessed Sinks – When it comes to Semi-Recessed bathroom sinks, we all know they are the most traditional type of sinks. They have a very convenient countertop and definitely give a stunning appeal to your bathrooms.

Semi-Recessed Sinks

What Should Be the Shape?

Most of the Bathroom Sinks are either Rectangular, Round or Circular in shape. Some people prefer having an Oval shaped sink as well.

Rectangular – Rectangular Bathroom Sinks are most in fashion for the master bathrooms. No doubt, they look super luxurious but they are bit difficult to clean as compared to other shapes. So, you must think a little before you make a decision for rectangular sinks.

Round – Rounded bathrooms sinks are the traditional type and are available in so many contemporary styles. They are the most comfortable ones, both for the use and cleaning. They are most commonly found in the Master Bathrooms.

Circular – When it comes to the most stylish and modern Vessel sinks, they offer a wide range of shapes and colors as well. They were initially named as the Bowl Sinks because they look exactly like Bowls. They are mounted above the vanity tops and give a very sleek and decent look to your bathrooms.

Oval – Oval sinks are comparatively less common than others. But they too, look super nice and attractive. Its just a matter of preferences for different people that they choose a shape of their choice.

Material of the Sink

Different types of Sinks are prepared from different materials.

The Wall Mounted sinks are exclusively made from the Ceramic or Stone Resin materials. But that’s not the case in other types of Sinks.

The Undermounted and Semi-Recessed bathroom sinks are made from Porcelain.

While the Vessel sinks are made from the Glass. The quality and thickness of the glass varies according to the customer requirements.

One Bathroom Sink or Two?

A very commonly asked question related to the bathroom sinks installment is whether to go for one sink or two? The biggest factor that decides the answer to this question is the space in your bathroom. If there is limited space in your bathroom, you would definitely not want to make it congested by having 2 sinks installed.

But usually, the Master Bathrooms are called so because they have enough of space. You can make them as luxurious and elegant as much you want to. Here are a few things about One or Two sinks installed, which may be helpful for you to decide

Single Bathroom Sink

First of all, single bathroom sink provides a large empty space in your bathroom. You have a lot of space for other amenities and the space you were thinking of to give to another sink, could be given to a shower or a tub instead.

A single sink would cost you less and would also be easier to clean. Would require less effort and less time for cleaning. Moreover, you’ll have more available space for keeping your bathroom essentials if there is one drainpipe.

Other than all these facts, you’ll also get to have more of the counterspace when you have only one basin installed. More counterspace means greater room for the display of your everyday toiletries or even makeup!

Two Bathroom Sinks

With two sinks, the biggest benefit you get is that of your personal space. You can have your toothpaste, your facewash, your moisturizers and everything kept separate from your spouse. So that you won’t have to knock over each other’s things.

Another good thing about two separate sinks is the hygiene. You got to mind your own business and won’t have to clean up the mess created by the other person. Also, you can both do your things at the same time, especially when you’re getting late for work in the morning, without having to wait for your partner to finish up.

But what makes you think before choosing to have two sinks, is the cost and space they demand. Obviously, two sinks cost more and than the additional cost of the vanity and finishing process.

Moreover, you need a lot of space for the two sinks. A typical sink is about 17 to 19 inches wide. And two of them would need a huge room.

  • Look super elegant
  • Add a greater value to your bathroom
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Long-Lasting
  • Make your bathrooms look luxurious
  • Wide range of shapes and types
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy cleaning
  • Expensive


It’s the 21st century and people make up their bathrooms just as great as all other rooms of the house; super elegant and attractive. Besides all this, with thousands of different options and ideas, it is still totally up to you to decide on your bathroom look.


Should a master bathroom have two sinks?
It totally depends on your personal choice. And in case you prefer having personal space even when sharing the bathroom with your spouse, two sinks are a great idea. But two sinks require larger space to be installed and occupy more of the room.
What type of sink is best for bathroom?
Most people prefer having traditional, under-mount sinks. They are not only comfortable for use only but super easy to clean as well. They are the most common type of bathroom sink that you may find anywhere and are not extraordinarily expensive as well.
Are double sinks worth it?
They definitely are. If you have large, master bathrooms, then double sinks are definitely worth it. Two people can use them at the same time, without interfering with each other’s things or waiting for the one to finish up.
What are his and hers sinks called?
The double vanity sinks are actually called his and hers sink because they are designed to provide personal space to the partners or couples. They are of great importance especially for the people who are too hygienic to share their bathroom sinks and toiletries.
Can 2 sinks share the same drain?
Yes, 2 sinks can have the same drain. Fifty percent of the double sinks have a single drain while the other fifty have separate drains. However, it is recommended to have one single drain for the double sinks because when you have two drains, you may get air pockets that may block one or the other’s drain.


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