The Most Popular Knobs and Pulls for Kitchens of 2021

The kitchen is present in almost every house and of course, it is the most used place. When we talk about the interior of a kitchen, there must be a touch of neatness and uniqueness in your kitchen. A neat and well-maintained kitchen is a symbol of your sophistication so it must stand out.

Kitchen Hardware plays an important role in the overall interior of the kitchen. There are many people who do not like to use knobs and pulls in the kitchen but according to our observation, most of the people like to have them.

There are many advantages of using these knobs and pulls. They save your cabinets from getting dirty when you open them with your hands. So these knobs and pulls help in opening and closing the cabinet doors without letting the smudges accumulate on the doors.

Always choose kitchen hardware wisely and carefully because they do not save your cabinet’s surface from getting dirty but also enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Latest Trend in Kitchen Knobs and Pulls

There are many types of knobs and pulls in the market now a days but the most popular are Gold, Silver, Chrome, and nickel hardware. These knobs will add to the splendor of any kitchen. One of the compelling trends in the Gold knobs and pulls usage as it suits with classic, modern, or any style kitchen interior. They are neatly polished and give your kitchen bling. So, what’s more, do you want to?

For the antique or rustic-styled kitchen, you can add ceramic knobs and pulls as they look good with these styles.

Here is a list of some most popular pulls and knobs that are highly in trend.

Best Knobs and Pulls for your Kitchen Cabinets

1. Oversized Pulls

Oversized pulls are in trend nowadays. Their size ranges from 6 to 21 inches and they can be installed in both horizontal and vertical position depending on the shape of the cabinet that whether it is tall or have more width.

Usually, the drawers that are used to hold heavy crockery have horizontal pulls. This gives cabinets a modern and minimalist look.

2. Flat Black Pulls

Flat black pulls are also commonly used in modern kitchens. This flat dark black pulls go perfectly with the light tone cabinet colors. They give a contemporary look to your kitchen.

3. Gold and Copper Pulls

Both copper and gold add a rich warm tone to the kitchen. Golden pulls are more in trend. They look staggering against both light and dim cabinetry and add a proper touch to any kitchen. And make your kitchen an extraordinary model.

4. Copper Knobs

Copper has been around for quite a while yet getting more fame. Same as gold finishing, copper has a warm rich tone. Be that as it may, it is considered as a more “casual” look. It truly sparkles in farmhouse-style kitchens. Copper is likewise comfortable in more conventional settings.

5. weathered Nickel and Brass Knobs

Brushed nickel finishing knobs are very famous and aren’t going anyplace. In any case, weathered nickel knobs have a totally unique look. They have more measurements and are ideal for farmhouse kitchens. They can add a natural vibe to more customary Shaker kitchens too. These knobs are highly durable.

Brass knobs were common in the 1990s. However, weathered brass has a completely unique character and it is turning out to be famous again with farmhouse and natural kitchens. Here’s an incredible illustration of another look.

6. Exposed Screws

For quite a long time, we have been concealing the way that cabinet pulls and handles are really screwed into our cupboards! In any case, there is another pattern not too far off to show this tightens all their magnificence. It adds both a retro and modern feel to have pivots and cabinet pulls with uncovered screws.

This look is most at home in modern, farmhouse, or Shaker kitchens. Formal and moderate kitchens do not really have.

7. Glass Knobs and Pulls

Mainstream at the turn of the twentieth century right through to the Depression period, glass handles and pulls had generally vanished. However, they have made a rebound and are filling in fame because of their adaptability and style. These glass pulls connect the hundreds of years together.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Pulls Ideas

  • The oil-scoured bronze T-bar style pulls are an ideal supplement for conventional Colonial style Cabinet openings. They have embellished closures further add to its beauty, which is something extraordinary than other pulls.

We think the bronze pulls are an incredible decision against the light blue-dark cabinets. Pick this style in an enormous, farmhouse-style kitchen that will see a ton of engagement.

  • The curve pulls in a dark finishing are a basic method to spruce up a generally sterile cupboard and counter mix. The essential Shaker-style cabinet doors are done in snow-white paint making the pulls contrast them.

This plan thought would be amazing in a more modest kitchen or one with a connected pantry. The curve handles will not find apparel in a restricted space like T-bar styles. Match them to a dark fixture to tie-in the plan.

  • It is very difficult to find engaging equipment for Contemporary cupboards. Customary curve or bar pulls probably won’t work, and cup pulls will look strange. These incorporated finger pulls are the ideal decision for a straightforward yet current kitchen.

Consider the apparatuses and methods needed to make them work for your kitchen project prior to making a plunge.

  • Dark curve pulls are an astounding decision for these wood cabinets. The square finishes and level handles are straightforward and utilitarian. Rather than being an interruption, they just appear to improve the excellence of the kitchen cabinets.

These would work best in a rural-style farmhouse or cabin kitchen. Their simple plan settles on them an ideal decision in kitchens where capacity bests structure while as yet being appealing.

  • In two-tone kitchens, discovering equipment that looks alluring on the two tones can be an overwhelming assignment. These kitchens are frequently a blend of dim and light tones that don’t generally work for one completion. This current kitchen’s plan has found some kind of harmony between the two tones with this splendid bronze-finish equipment.

The long T-bar handles say something on the lower cupboards while additionally keeping the upper cupboards looking tasteful and clean. The pulls on the sink bureau are modest and function admirably to keep that territory looking perfect and clutterless. Huge kitchens with a great deal of cabinetry are the most ideal decision for this style.

  • Non-customary kitchen formats can be hard to plan, yet the half-cook room kitchen is an appealing compromise with its huge farmhouse-style sink put towards the finish of the workspace under a huge window.

We like that the creator has picked the tanned equipment to contrast the dim cupboards. The shallow T-bar handles and bureau handles make a pleasant showing of avoiding the way where space is a worry, while as yet offering an alluring accent to every one of the Shaker cabinet and cupboards.

  • In the event that your shelves are the fundamental element that you’d prefer to flaunt, you wouldn’t need your cupboards to capture everyone’s attention. These dull Shaker-style cupboards with level boards are ideal for allowing your plan to become the overwhelming focus. The brilliant white marble ledges are clearly the principal concentration so the cabinetry and equipment should just assume as a supporting part.
  • For the work of art and clean look, it’s difficult to beat white Shaker cabinets with brushed nickel equipment. This customary look fits well to both cabinet fronts and doors, so finding coordinating handles doesn’t need to turn into an issue. The brushed nickel equipment makes a decent showing and trying to fit with the dark stovetop.

This style would glance incredible in a customary Cape Cod or Colonial-style home’s kitchen. That being said doesn’t exclude it in farmhouse or bungalow homes.


Kitchen hardware is maybe the most disregarded style component in the kitchen. In any case, it shouldn’t be. The equipment you decide for your cupboards, fixtures, and sink can improve things significantly in terms of the ultimate result.

The correct equipment can strongly tie the components of a kitchen together. Likewise, this is a basic method to give your kitchen an update without breaking the financial plan.

In the event that you don’t allow yourself to get overpowered, you can really appreciate the innovative cycle.


What is the most popular kitchen cabinet pulls?
Gold finishing pulls are the most common and popular pulls and are more in trend. They go very well with the white or dim cabinet doors. These types of pulls are mostly used in contemporary styled Kitchens.
What cabinet pulls are in style?
There are many styles of cabinet pulls in the market now a days. These are copper and gold pulls, flat black pulls, and oversized pulls. Now it depends on the plan of your kitchen and most importantly the color scheme.
What color handles for dark cabinets?
For dark cabinets you can use copper or gold finish pulls that fit perfectly with dark tone kitchen cabinets.

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