Full vs. Partial Overlay Cabinets: Which one is better? [2021]

If you are thinking to remodel of your kitchen then the first thing that comes to your mind is your kitchen cabinets because they are the most important part of the kitchen so, the selection of the cabinet doors is very important.

You might be confused between that if you have to select the full overlay cabinets or the partial ones and which one is better we are here to solve your confusion about the kitchen cabinets. So, let’s compare these two and find out which one is better for you?

PointPartial overlay cabinetsFull overlay cabinets
Price rangeThe partial overlay cabinets are the most expensive optionThe full overlay cabinets are the cheaper option in the cabinets
Skills LevelA high level of skills are needed for the making of this partial kitchen cabinetYou don’t need a high level of skills for making full overlay kitchen cabinets
StorageThese cabinets have a very limited space to store the potsThese full overlay cabinets have a very good space to store pots and pans.
StyleThese partial overlay cabinets are not very stylish as compared to the full overlay cabinetsThese are the stylish and cool-looking cabinets that match the interior of your kitchen.
knob/ HandleThere is no knob or handle is required to open this cabinetIf you want to open it without getting hurt then you need a knob or handle
DurableThese cabinets are considered to be the most durable options for your kitchenThese cabinets are not that durable as compare to the partial overlay cabinets.

Partial overlay Cabinets

Partial overlay Cabinets

The partial overlay cabinets are one of the most widely available kitchen cabinets types it is an old fashion style for the cabinets which is now very rarely seen in the kitchens. If you don’t know that what are the partial overlay cabinets.

Then the partial overlay cabinets are the one that has the two doors and in those two doors, there is a small space where the wooden frame is visible. You can also say that the doors of the cabinet stay on above the frame when you close it.

  • It looks cleaner in the kitchen
  • These types of cabinets give your kitchen an old classic look.
  • These cabinets are beautifully crafted
  • They are light and airy cabinets
  • They are outdated
  • You need good craftsmanship so, they are expensive.


Full overlay cabinets

Full overlay cabinets

The cabinets that have doors and draw with the extra-large fronts are called the full overlay cabinets. This is the opposite of the partial overlay cabinets. In the partial, the frame f the cabinet is fully visible while in these cabinets the frame of the cabinet is hidden.

They are in the trend nowadays and this is not the very older method of the cabinets so, we can say that these are considered to be the weaker cabinet options in the market. There is a benefit of this cabinet and that is you can store many things in it.

The drawers and storage spaces allow you to store more pots and pans in these cabinets so if you have a good range of pots and other dishes to store then you should go for the full overlay cabinets. You need to put a knob or the handle to open and close the doors of these cabinets because this kitchen cabinet does not have a place to open it.

  • The look of the cabinet is very smooth and stylish.
  • It is a much cheaper option in the kitchen cabinets.
  • You can store many pots and pans in this cabinet.
  • They are new and in trend nowadays
  • You need a knob or handle to open it
  • This is a contemporary option in the kitchen cabinets


This is the difference between the partial overlay cabinet and the full overlay cabinet. We might be able to answer your many questions related to these two types of cabinets but if you ask that which one is better between these two types. Then we will say that the full overlay cabinets are a good option.


Are partial overlay cabinets outdated?
Yes, these kinds of cabinets are not very demand in nowadays but a decade ago they were in full demand and everyone is getting these cabinets in their kitchen but now if you want to have a good look cabinet in your kitchen you go for the full overlay cabinets.
Are full overlay cabinets worth it?
Yes, they are a good replacement for the partial overlay cabinets in the market. There are many new designs available in this cabinet that will make your kitchen look more attractive. They are now in fashion and also suitable for the people who have a low budget.
Can I replace partial overlay cabinet doors with full overlay?
Yes, you can but there are many people nowadays who are replacing the old partial overlay cabinets with the new full overlay cabinets because of their versatility and designs. People can store more pots and pans in the full overlay cabinets that is why they prefer to go with the full overlay cabinets.
What is the difference between full overlay and partial overlay cabinets?
There are many small differences in the full overlay and partial overlay cabinets but if we talk about the main differences then the partial overlay cabinets are outdated and also expensive while the full overlay cabinets are cheap and they have much more spaces to store pans and pots. There are also many new designs available in the full overlay cabinets. These are some of the main differences between these two types of cabinets.
What is a partial overlay?
These are the cabinets that are very famous before some years these are the types of cabinets that are made with a high level of skills. These are durable and also very expensive if we compare them to the other new cabinets. Their frames are visible between the doors of the cabinets.
What does a full overlay cabinet mean?
The full overlay cabinet is also called the modern cabinets that are trending nowadays they have many good designs in the cabinets and their frame are totally hidden and you can’t see them. These are the cheaper options in the cabinets but they are not very durable.


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