Top 8 Best Frameless Shower Doors – Reviews And Buying Guide

During recent times Frameless shower doors have surged in popularity as homeowners have developed a taste for clean and minimalist aesthetics. Frameless shower doors can be a great addition to any bathroom as they look great and have an open feel

Whether you are renovating your current home or building a new house making sure that you have a good-looking bathroom is highly important. This includes getting fittings for your bathroom that not only look good but are also functional.

Often overlooked when designing the perfect shower, a good quality shower door is essential to keep warm and avoid leaks. As the frameless shower doors do not come cheap getting the right one is hugely important

If you want an inexpensive and big change in your bathroom changing your bathroom door to frameless can be a good option. It can be a daunting task as so many brands and styles

One can say the advantage of a frameless shower door is that it eliminates the need for a shower curtain which can develop mold and other grime. A frameless shower door tends to make a shower look spacious

We here recommend checking out frameless shower doors since they are the most modern style in the market. Check our buyer’s guide to check the best option.

1.  Vigo VG6041CHCL7274

Vigo VG6041CHCL7274 VIGO’s Elan is the best frameless sliding door. Its design saves space and looks elegant. This door comes with great features that add value to your bathroom.

The Vigo Elan model has cleared tempered glass. It has VIGO’s Roller Disk technology that keeps the upper assembly sliding design effortless fluent and quiet. Vigo sliding door has one stationary and one sliding door.

The door height is 74 inches this model has a flexible design. You can either slide the door to the right or left according to your own preference.

It comes with 3 finished options that go well with almost every room aesthetic. It comes in chrome, stainless, Matte black, or gold color.

Its watertight seal prevents water from splashing. The width for this Vigo door is adjustable between 68 to 72 inches. If the room is larger then this is a great choice. The opening area is between 27.5 and 31.5 inches

The outer door handle is a solid brass bar with a silver finish. It is fitted in the pre-drilled glass and it gives a great contemporary look to the glass door.

Brushed 304 stainless steel is used to make all the other fittings. Corrosion or pitting to the surface is no longer a thing to worry about. As far as adjustment of the door is concerned you don’t have to worry about gaps in the short term.

Full-length clear door strips are placed to avoid leaks. They come with a one-year warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on the other materials and construction.

You have to keep in mind that you have to deal with heavy and big planes of glass so installation can be tricky. You need a staff of 2 workers and suction cups will make life a lot easier.

Before you start you must read all the instructions and expect to spend around 4 to 5 hours on the job. It’s better to give the work contract to professionals who are familiar with such installations. That will not only cut time half but also will be done with perfection.

The most crucial part is measuring your door. It has to be done right because the whole package is around 282 pounds heavy and returning it would be very expensive.

  • Dimensions    72×74 inches
  • Glass Type Clear
  • Glass Thickness 3/8 inch
  • Finish Chrome, Stainless Steel, Matte Black, and Matte Blushed Gold
  • Warranty  Yes, Limited Lifetime
  • Great value for money
  • Elegant design
  • Colour options
  • Specialist needed for installation
  • Time-consuming installation


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2.  Delta Shower Doors SD3172323 Windermere

Delta Shower Doors SD3172323 WindermereIn a classically crafted bathroom, this semi-frameless design works the best in our opinion. The installation is 59 3/8 inches in width and 70 inches tall.

In this semi-frameless glass door, we have a lot of finished glass options. For a Timeless and evergreen appearance, you can choose plain glass.

There is an option of Transition glass which has frosted horizontal stripes on the glass. Niebla is a translucent option with raindrops giving it peering through effect.

There are a lot of finished outlooks available. Shinny chrome, brushed nickel, and dark bronze. This track is reversible. For a more contemporary finish, you should install the flat face outwards. The grooved side on the other hand gives a traditional look

Even handles come in 3 different styles.

  • Classic
  • Trinsic
  • Windermere

Windermere gives a great bonus. The handle can also be used as a towel rail.

The door and panel are made of certified tempered glass with a quarter of an inch thickness. They are also treated with Delta Spot Guard. This coating provides resistance toward stains. In the harder water area, this can prove to be a real bonus

This semi-frameless design comes with five years warranty that is very considerable. The assembling is pretty straightforward. You must read the instructions properly and it’s very easy to install.

The doors here at 70” aren’t as tall. Loftier shower users need to watch their heads. If this is not considered properly a snack from the overhead rail is assured.

  • Dimensions 60”×71”
  • Glass Type clear
  • Glass Thickness 3”
  • Finish Bronze, brushed nickel
  • Warranty 5 years limited warranty
  • Weight 5 pounds
  • Classic crafting
  • Different colour and design options
  • Water resistance
  • Smaller doors


3.   Sunny Shower Semi-Frameless Shower Door

Sunny Shower Semi-Frameless Shower DoorIt is one of the topmost picks for glass shower doors. Sunny shower sliding door enclosure is 60 inches wide and 72 inches tall. The width of 58.5 inches will be adjusted by cutting the guard rail.

Here a great feature is that both glass door panels can slide across each other. This gives you an ease in installation that you can easily open the door to left or right.

The single handle stands tall outside. It’s a long bar and it’s drilled high enough to act as a towel holder. From inside it has two knobs to slide back the door.

There are two options for the finished glass. Shiny polished chrome and subtle brush nickel. The door is very smooth and fluid and makes no noise at all.

The seal at the bottom does not leave any spaces and no water leakage at all. It’s an aluminum-made frame and with tempered glass. It is totally safety certified. Its thickness is a quarter of an inch and the edges are curved in such a way that they are totally secure.

It has an option to alter the length of the top and bottom rail by the use of a hacksaw.

About installation, you need to be great in your DIY skills because the instructions are not that great in the booklet. So you need to get someone professional with thorough experience who can handle its instructions perfectly.

It is a very reasonably priced glass door that fulfills every aspect of elegance. It is an attractive assembly with clean lines that won’t break your finances. You must surely pick this option for your glass door.

  • Dimensions   60”×72”
  • Glass thickness 3 inches
  • Glass type Clear
  • Finish  Shiny polished chrome and subtle brush nickel.
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Both way sliding doors
  • Certified glass
  • Cost-effective
  • Installation can go wrong


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4.   Delta Shower Semi- Frameless Doors

Delta Shower Semi- Frameless DoorsThis sliding door is a frosted semi-frameless glass is a perfect blend of stylish and practical. You get more privacy with frosted overlook in case you have kids around. It gives a great modern look and is a personal favorite.

When you can choose the glass, track style, and handle to create your custom-made glass door it’s the best opportunity. Your preference is a clear door or one with a rain effect or transition design you can choose anyone. They are made with tempered glass and is easy to clean.

This is a great quality semi-frameless glass. Its installation is pretty easy and straight forward. Any person with basic DIY skills can install it in a couple of hours of arriving. It offers 5 years of warranty.

The exposed rollers take the credit of door gliding smoothly with no sticky spots. Anodized aluminum and tempered glass are responsible for long durability and corrosion resistance it means you can use the doors for years to come.

It is a totally silent door quiff with no grinding or clang. It’s coated with hydrophobic glass which is water-resistant and prevents any kind of stain and for hard water, it’s the best option.

The glass doors always need careful handling.  During cleaning or installing you need to be careful of glass shattering.

  • Dimensions 60”×58-1/8
  • Glass thickness 1/4 inches
  • Glass type Frosted
  • Finish   chrome
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Easily installed
  • Durable
  • Careful handling


5.   Elegant Shower Semi-frameless Bypass Doors

It is a great option if you want an elegant glass door setting but with a little framework. It has two bypass panels that allow you to enter in two ways. This is a great option for the uneven wall.

The towel rail can also be used as a sturdy handle. The almost invisible barrier is added between you and the rest of the bathroom with the help of tempered clear glass.

No water is going to leak as two clear vinyl strips are installed at the bottom. It is an ANSI certified glass with a thickness of ¼ that ensures your safety.

In an unfortunate case if the glass shatters it will not be in sharp pieces that can be harmful. This glass can be adjusted by 1.5-inch width in case of uneven walls. So you can trim the top or bottom rail track to fit the door

A glass clamp is one of the most important pieces of equipment that keeps the glass in place. It is highly durable and made out of stainless steel. That clamp is available in a polished finish that matches every component of the door.

The installation of this door is tricky even when Elegant Company claims it to be simple. You should contact a professional to trim the glass that perfectly fits the rails.

  • Dimensions 5″ to 60”×72”
  • Glass thickness ¼ inches
  • Glass type Clear
  • Finish chrome
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Elegant design
  • 1.5-inch installation margin
  • Difficult installation


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6.   Elegant Double Opening Sliding Doors

Elegant Shower Semi-frameless Bypass DoorsIf you are a fan of sliding doors and frames this frame is just perfect for your use. It’s a sleek and stylish design. It’s overall made out of stainless steel so the frame, hardware, and track rail are the extremely solid and best quality.

It glides like butter and is absolutely noise-free and zero resistance at the opening and closing of the door.

It has a vinyl seal and magnetic strips so the whole structure is waterproof. You get a wide entrance due to the double sliding door. U get the great experience of entering and exiting the shower.

As we all know Elegant provides the best quality glass. It is made of thin glass but it’s extremely durable and won’t break on you. ANSI certificate is an added security.

As it is made out of aluminum so you don’t have to worry about any rusting or corrosion. It is a great premium option and very nice to touch.

This elegant piece of art has two stationary panels that give the structure stability to stay in one place. Zero friction is its best feature.

Here we also recommend the installation should be done by professionals as the DIY instructions manual is vague. Lack of visuals imaging can be very confusing.

  • Dimensions 36”×72”
  • Glass thickness 1/4 inches
  • Glass type Clear
  • Finish Chrome
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Buttery glide
  • Elegant design
  • Tricky installation


7.   SUNNY SHOWER Frameless Sliding Door

SUNNY SHOWER Frameless Sliding DoorThe Sunny Shower sliding door set will indeed bring the sun to your bathroom. The incredible thing about a frameless sliding door is that it doesn’t interrupt the light from protruding from the shower room.

Your shower will feel spacious and bright. The whole stylish design gives the whole place a tone of modernity. This is made from high-quality tempered glass it requires minimum maintenance to stay clean. It is quite sturdy and thick. It endures heavy duty exploitation.

One door slides and one stays in its place. It stabilizes construction. The opening and closing of the door are smooth due to the pulleys. You work effortlessly with a sliding door. It is all because of a great handle on the movable part of the door. Every door is rust and waterproof.

The size of these shower door is 48“ in width and 72” in height. The package includes all the hardware for perfect installation.

Every product has some minor issues. The doors are quite heavy and at least 2 workers with skills are needed to put it in place.

The instruction manual is very vague so it is recommended you hire some professionals to get the perfect job done. The price point is a great plus with this door.

  • Dimensions 48”×76”
  • Glass thickness 3/8 inches
  • Glass type Tempered
  • Finish Chrome
  • Warranty 2 years
  • High-quality glass
  • Cost-effective
  • Vague instructions manual


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8.   VIGO VG6041CHCL6074

VIGO VG6041CHCL6074It is one of the better options in a frameless sliding rectangle shower door. It has an opening width 56-60 inch door. It is quite spacious. Their height is 74 inches. The opening width is 25.5 inches.

It has adjustable roller disk technology. The round sliding rollers will help the glass to assemble perfectly. 3/8 inch adjustments give an edge that will help in smooth noise-free installation.

It is upon the user which side opening they prefer as it allows both right and left-hand opening. It has a metal handle that gets perfectly fitted in the pre-drilled glass

This glass has ANSI certification that suggests the buyer about the quality of the glass used. It is 3/8 inches thickness is ideal with clear tempered glass.

The bottom edges are secured with a water deflector that helps to keep water inside and no splashes of water outside. It is easy to clean glass

Its Installation is tricky and needs professional assistance. This way it will be installed perfectly.

  • Dimensions 60”×74”
  • Glass thickness 38 inches
  • Glass type Clear
  • Finish  chrome
  • Weight           244 pounds
  • Warranty Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Wide space
  • ANSI certified
  • Water-resistance bottom side
  • Difficult installation


Things you should know about Frameless Doors

Door size & measurements

First of all, check the dimension and exact size of the door of your shower. The measurements of the height and width will help you to decide which type of door will be ideal for the shower. The door type also depends on the size of the door and also the location of it, for example, the door for the normal standing shower would be different and the shower with tub will have a different door. The exact size and setting of the door will help the door to last longer.

 Material & Design

The other factor which is important is the material of the Frameless shower door. The thickness of the glass will keep it steady in its working for a longer period of time. But you must keep the setting and fixing of the perfectly so it can easily swing and slide which determines as per the entry design of your shower.

A shower door can open inwards or outward like a normal door or with a panel or sliding. Single or double sliding and rolling are also the options for a shower door and they all depend on the design of your shower.

Glass Types & Maintenance

After the thickness of the glass comes the type of glass you choose for your Frameless glass doors. The most common and famous types are clear, textured, forested, rain, and textured. Depending on your choice you can use all these glass types as clear is the most common and famous glass type and it gives a look to your Frameless door exactly like your bedroom window.

Frosted glass has a slightly blurry look and gives a privacy advantage and if you want more privacy then rain texture will be an ideal option for you. As compared to the textured and tinted are least common but some people like small patterns and other designs then they have these types of doors for their showers.

After the design of the glass is done then comes the other important part to keep it clean from the watermarks. If you are in an area where water is hard then it’s highly recommended to have an easy clean coating on the glass which helps you to keep your glass doors clean and up-to-date. Most of the glass comes with a special glass coating to avoid water spots and other dirt away from the door.


While buying a Frameless glass door you must keep a check on the warranty they are offering with the door. Almost all companies are providing a 1 or 2 year-long warranty for the door but if you dig deep you will find some of the glass door companies providing a lifetime warranty for the frameless shower door which shows that how solid and long-lasting their products are.

Considering all these factors in mind you can easily find the best Frameless glass door for your shower which has the right thickness, design quality, and solidity as per your convenience.


We give you a detailed description of the frameless shower door and make you choose easy to which one to buy as per your convenience. We have also provided you an idea about the cost, size, shape, and installation of the door. The frameless doors are a touch expensive than framed doors but they are so easy to use if they are installed properly and also give a really classy and stylish look to your shower room.

We recommend you to buy the best Frameless glass door for your shower as per your budget and size and go for the lifetime warranty for the lifetime durability of the door.

Happy Buying


Which is better framed or Frameless shower doors?
Both doors are great for the shower but Frameless Doors are free from the metal support and properly adjusted with panels they look more stylish than framed doors. As per cost comparison, Frameless doors are more expensive than framed glass doors but they are more in style and solid so they worth the price.
What is the best thickness for a shower door?
The average thickness for Frameless glass doors is from 3/8 inches to ½ inches. Most people prefer 3/8 inches glass doors with metal framing on the edges of the panels and the walls of your shower support them to stay strong and long-lasting. Some people like ½ inches glass for more solidity and longer life.
What is the best way to clean Frameless shower doors?
As you know most of the frameless shower door comes with a protective coating but still, you need to keep your door safe from watermarks and soap stains you need to clean it sometimes? Some cleaners are available in the market but we recommend you to use baking soda and vinegar for easy and proper cleaning.

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