Top Best Frameless Shower Doors – Reviewed 2021

During recent times Frameless shower doors have surged in popularity as homeowners have developed a taste for clean and minimalist aesthetics. Frameless shower doors can be a great addition to any bathroom as they look great and have an open feel

Whether you are renovating your current home or building a new house making sure that you have a good looking bathroom is highly important. This includes getting fittings for your bathroom that not only look good but are also functional.

Often overlooked when designing the perfect shower, a good quality shower door is essential to keep warm and avoid leaks. As the frameless shower doors do not come cheap getting the right one is hugely important

If you want an inexpensive and big change in your bathroom changing your bathroom door to frameless can be a good option. It can be a daunting task as so many brands and styles

One can say the advantage of a frameless shower door is that it eliminates the need for a shower curtain which can develop mold and other grime. A frameless shower door tends to make a shower look spacious

We here recommend checking out frameless shower doors since they are the most modern style in the market. Check our buyer’s guide to check the best option.

WOODBRIDGE Frameless Sliding Shower Door

If your are looking for a frameless shower door for your dream bathroom look no more as Woodbridge is no doubt one of the best option available in today’s market. It’s a sliding door category and the width and height are 60 inches and 76 inches respectively. It is extremely high quality glass door that provides a new dimension to your bathroom and adds value to your bathroom.

This Woodbridge frameless door slides like butter on the stainless steel rollers. Its glass is 3/8 thickness and the glass is ANSI certified. The best thing about this glass is that it don’t take water stains and resists them and save us a lot of cleaning time.

The most risk in frameless glass door is breaking of glass which is prevented in this Woodbridge as it uses shatter retention glass which has a safety film bonded to the tempered glass and it prevents the glass from breakage. Company provides 2 years long warranty

This shower door has reversible option it can move toward left or right according to your preference. It has stainless steel parts that don’t let it rust, chip or scratch. It should maintain the shine.


  • 3/8 inch thick tempered glass and have safety film
  • Reversible sliding door and movable in either direction
  • Stainless steel rollers
  • Rust, chip and scratch free


  • Difficult to install
  • Not entirely transparent

Dreamline Aqua Ultra Frameless Shower Door

Dreamline are great manufacturers of frameless shower doors. They give us great quality and durability. Dreamline Aqua Ultra Frameless shower Door is one such example. It gives the bathroom a great aesthetic addition that’s very chic and modern as well. The width and height of the product is 45 inches and 72 inches respectively.

If you like the curvy modern door than this Dreamline aqua ultra is for you. Its one door is stationary and other is curve. The thickness of the glass is 5/16 inches. It has reversible option in it means you can install it either on left or right side as per your choice. Stationary panel has the support of single arm that’s attached to the wall.

If your shower place is relatively small this frameless shower door is great for you as it don’t take much space like sliding door does. It is a very stylish European design shower door.


  • Unique curved door to give it a stylish look
  • Reversible option available
  • Great for smaller bathrooms


  • Poor customer service
  • Glass shattering issues


Dreamline indoor frameless shower door

Dreamline offers a wide range of frameless glass doors that will fulfil all your dreams in a shower place decoration. Dreamline are premium providers of unit door showers.  Here they give us a Jet Glazed glass pattern which is responsible for that million appearance but with no framework.

This hinged frameless shower door is reversible so can easily open and close at right or left side. Solid brass hinges are used that go from wall to door to give the glass a strong support and they are self operating.

The doors are attached to the wall with U channel anodized that allows the half inch adjustment to fix it in properly.


  • Jet Glazed glass pattern to get the mullion look
  • Reversible hinged door
  • Self closing brass hinges


  • Will only fit specific opening sizes
  • Difficult to install

Dreamline Mirage – X Frameless Shower Door

Again we have picked another frameless shower door from Dreamline. It’s Mirage-X. It has a great style and fills your bathroom with certain theme that is very modern and up to date. Its width varies from 44 inches to 48 inches while height us 72 inches.

Stationary glass side has L- shaped sleek support bar that is unique and proprietary. It is a very solid and dependable glass door. It has the glass thickness of 3/8 inches. It is clear and tempered as well. Dreamline has given it a Clear Max coating that help reduce mineral stains. That way glass stays shinny and clean for long time

Mirage-X also provides a reversible installing option. So from right or from left either can be done according to your preference or bathroom style. It has great finishing with brushed nickel.


  • Clear Max coating to resist stains
  • Modern brushed nickel finish
  • Proprietary L-bar far stylish look


  • Poor rubber seal
  • Difficult to clean door overlap

DreamLine Enigma-X Frameless sliding shower door

It’s no surprise that Dreamline made the cut with yet another Glass door enigmaX. When you are making your dream bathroom you need a lot if finished options to go for shower door to see which ones best for your shower area. It is available in brushed or polished stainless steel or a colour option called TUXEDO which is in contrast with stainless steel and black ascent

It has both the options to be opened from left and right with one fixed panel and a sliding door. The whole set up depends on the bathroom aesthetics. It has vinyl strips on the edges of the door and panel that prevents the risk of leak and overlap.

Width adjustment is available between 56 inches to 60 inches. The opening space is between 23 to 27 inches accordingly. The height is 76 inches so they are the tallest door makers as if you are tll your Self or share it with tall person this is the door for you.

It is built with excellent quality glass with 3/8 thickness. It also has a clear max coating to resist the water stains.  Glass only gives the clear finish option so if you need options it’s not for you.


  • Clear max coating
  • Tall glass door
  • Adjustable width


  • Difficult to install
  • Only clear finish for glass available


Aston Cascadia Completely Frameless Hinged Door

Aston are famous for their compact and chic design for frameless shower door. As not all of you have a spacious bathroom and you need a frameless glass door to fit in minimum space. It is by far the smallest option that we have given in this current list making it viable for compact bathroom and house planes.  It has 24 inch width and 72 inch height that’s the lowest width we have encountered.

Don’t be filled with its compact size it is a great solid frameless shower door. It incorporates 3/4 inches thigh glass that is enough to keep it stabilize in the bathroom. You get a year’s warranty with this glass door.


  • Ideal for small compact bathroom spaces
  • Includes thick and heavy duty glass
  • Smooth and polished handles


  • Size could have been large and adjustable


Door size & measurements

First of all, check the dimension and exact size of the door of your shower. The measurements of the height and width will help you to decide which type of door will be ideal for the shower. The door type also depends on the size of the door and also the location of it, for example, the door for the normal standing shower would be different and the shower with tub will have a different door. The exact size and setting of the door will help the door to last longer.

 Material & Design

The other factor which is important is the material of the Frameless shower door. The thickness of the glass will keep it steady in its working for a longer period of time. But you must keep the setting and fixing of the perfectly so it can easily swing and slide which determines as per the entry design of your shower.

A shower door can open inwards or outward like a normal door or with a panel or sliding. Single or double sliding and rolling are also the options for a shower door and they all depend on the design of your shower.


Glass Types & Maintenance

After the thickness of the glass comes the type of glass you choose for your Frameless glass doors. The most common and famous types are clear, textured, forested, rain, and textured. Depending on your choice you can use all these glass types as clear is the most common and famous glass type and it gives a look to your Frameless door exactly like your bedroom window.

Frosted glass has a slightly blurry look and gives a privacy advantage and if you want more privacy then rain texture will be an ideal option for you. As compared to them textured and tinted are least common but some people like small patterns and other designs then they have these types of doors for their showers.

After the design of the glass is done then comes the other important part to keep it clean from the water marks. If you are in an area where water is hard then it’s highly recommended to have an easy clean coating on the glass which helps you to keep your glass doors clean and up-to-date. Most of the glass comes with a special glass coating to avoid water spots and other dirt away from the door.


While buying a Frameless glass door you must keep a check on the warranty they are offering with the door. Almost all companies are providing a 1 or 2 year-long warranty for the door but if you dig deep you will find some of the glass door companies providing a lifetime warranty for the frameless shower door which shows that how solid and long-lasting their products are.

Considering all these factors in mind you can easily find the best Frameless glass door for your shower which has the right thickness, design quality, and solidity as per your convenience.


Which is better framed or Frameless shower doors?

Both doors are great for the shower but Frameless Doors are free from the metal support and properly adjusted with panels they look more stylish than framed doors. As per cost comparison, Frameless doors are more expensive than framed glass doors but they are more in style and solid so they worth the price.

What is the best thickness for a shower door?

The average thickness for Frameless glass doors is from 3/8 inches to ½ inches. Most people prefer 3/8 inches glass doors with metal framing on the edges of the panels and the walls of your shower support them to stay strong and long-lasting. Some people like ½ inches glass for more solidity and longer life.

What is the best way to clean Frameless shower doors?

As you know most of the frameless shower door comes with a protective coating but still, you need to keep your door safe from watermarks and soap stains you need to clean it sometimes? Some cleaners are available in the market but we recommend you to use baking soda and vinegar for easy and proper cleaning.


We give you a detailed description of the frameless shower door and make you choose easy to which one to buy as per your convenience. We have also provided you an idea about the cost, size, shape, and installation of the door. The frameless doors are a touch expensive than framed doors but they are so easy to use if they are installed properly and also give a really classy and stylish look to your shower room.

We recommend you to buy the best Frameless glass door for your shower as per your budget and size and go for the lifetime warranty for the lifetime durability of the door.

Happy Buying

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