How to Install Fireplace Mantel Kits

There are many people that don’t like the Fireplace mantel and want to replace it. The fireplace mental increases the look of your house and if you have too bad a fireplace mantel then your home might have a $1.50 lower value so, if you want to increase your home’s value and overall look then you need to install the new fireplace mantel.

The fireplace mental is a very good thing to change the ambiance of your living room but many people don’t know how to install the fireplace mantel so, here come these fireplace mantel kits that make the installation of the fireplace mantel very easy for you. You might be thinking that what is the fireplace mantel kit so, let us tell you about this kit.

Fireplace Mantel Kits

If we tell you in the laymen language then these are the premade templates of the mantel kits and it has everything which you might need in the process of the installation. If you are using these kits and you don’t need to be any kind of technical knowledge you can easily install the fireplace mantel and all the screws and things that you need to mount the mantel come with this kit.


First, we told you about the fireplace mantel kits but there are two types of fireplace mantel kits and we are going to explain those two types here again.

  • Stone and concrete 
  • Wood

These are the two basic types of that kind of fireplace let’s dig deeper into these two types:

Stone and concrete Fireplace kits

These fireplace kits are made with carved and cast stone and the best thing because of which we recommend you using this fireplace mantel kit is because these are not flammable so, this is a kinda safe option for you as compared to the wood fireplace mantel kit.

These are mostly matches with the interior of your living room or wherever you have a fireplace in your house and they look great and of course they increase the value of your home.

Wood fireplace kits

This might not be the safer option for the fireplace but it is a very budget-friendly kit for your fireplace. This wood kit comes in various colors and textures and the best thing about this kit is that you can paint it according to your interior which is the biggest reason for buying this fireplace kit.

This also matches with the new wooden floor that is the trend in the interior design industry and it gives your home a very luxurious look.

How to choose the best Fireplace mantel kit for your home

There are two main things that every person should consider when he is planning to buy the best fireplace mantel kit for his living room. Those two things are the size and the local laws. Let’s exp[lain these two things more further.


The first thing to consider for the best fireplace is the mantel kit is size. You need to measure the size of the walls where you want to install the fireplace mantel. If you haven’t done this thing then take the measurements of the wall and all the tiles of stones on the surroundings of the fireplace. In our view, this is the most important thing while selecting the fireplace mantel for your living room.

Local Laws

The fireplace is a very serious thing because it is directly related to the fire and a little bit of carelessness can cause severe damage to your home and you too so, that is why every state has some local laws for the fireplace that everyone needs to follow to avoid any kind of damage.

There are some heights options that you should need to consult from the local codes or your manufacturer’s opening and the height of your fireplace mantel kit should be more than 12 to 18 inches that would be a more secure option for you.


There are two shapes of fireplace mantel kits that we are going to explain here. The first shape of the fireplace mantel kit is shelf type and the other is full surroundings let’s explain these two types of fireplace kits.

  • Shelf fireplace mantel kit
  • Fireplace mantel surround kit

Fireplace Mantel Surround Kit

This is the kind of fireplace kit that is not limited to the one side of the fireplace like the other one which is just above the fireplace this is usually longer in height than the fireplace because it has to cover the fireplace from above and on the side, it is down till the floor of the living room. In our view, this fireplace looks more elegant as compared to the other shape of the fireplace kit.

Let us tell you about some famous fireplace mantel surround kits.

1. Wellington Thin Cast Stone Adustable

Wellington Thin Cast Stone Adustable

This fireplace kit would make your living room look really beautiful and the installation of this stone fireplace mantel kit is very smooth and if you are two persons without having any technical knowledge then you would not take more than 30 minutes to install it. The best thing about this fireplace kit is that it does not catch fire so, it is safe and secure for your home.

2. Richmond Fireplace Mantel Surround

Most of the people who want to increase the look of your home install this fireplace mantel kit. It is pure white and looks very elegant in your living room. The installation of this fireplace kit is also very easy as compare to the other fireplace kits and this is more like a decoration piece of your home than the fireplace surround kit. It comes in three pieces that is why it is very easy to install.

Richmond Fireplace Mantel Surround

3. Traditional Carved Wood Fireplace Mantel Surround 

This is another great example of a surround fireplace kit but this time we have wood instead of stone.

Traditional Carved Wood Fireplace Mantel Surround 

If you want to give your living room a very traditional look then this fireplace kit is the best option for you but one thing is that you need to be more careful about the wood fireplace surround kit.

Shelf fireplace Mantel kit

This is another shape of the fireplace mantel kit and as the name shows this comes in only one piece and it is mounted or installed upper side of the fireplace and this is the usually in the households used as the shelf this is why the name of this fireplace mantel kit is shelf fireplace kit. Like the other fireplace, it also comes in two types of stones and wood let’s see some famous shelf fireplace mantel kits.

Pearl Mantels 495-60 The Auburn Mantel Shelf

1. Pearl Mantels 495-60 The Auburn Mantel Shelf

If you have ever visited your grandma’s house then you might see this kind of fireplace mantel kit and this is made of wood but as the height of this kit is above the fireplace so, it is more secure than the surround fireplace kit. You can use this fireplace as the shelf and put some decorations pieces or books on it. If you want to give your home a vintage look then this might be a very good fireplace kit.

2. Pearl Mantels 412-60-70 Shenandoah Pine Wall Shelf

Pearl Mantels 412-60-70 Shenandoah Pine Wall Shelf

This is another one of the great fireplace kits that comes in the rustic cherry distressed finish and many other furniture finishes come in this fireplace kit. If you want to increase the value of your home then adding this to your living room would be a very good option.

3. Mantels Direct Colton 72-Inch Fireplace

This is also a very beautiful shelf fireplace that you can install above your fireplace in your living room. This handcrafted shelf fireplace mantel kit would increase the beauty of your living room and it comes in many colors so, it goes with all kinds of interior.

Mantels Direct Colton 72-Inch Fireplace


If you are planning to replace your fireplace mantel or trying to install the new one then the best option we have are these fireplace mantel kits. They have made it very easy to install that a person with zero technical knowledge can replace it easily.

We have also told you about some good shelf fireplace mantel kits and some surround fireplace mantel kits that might look very great in your living room and if you are looking for the new fireplace mantel kit then don’t forget to consider the ones that we mentioned above.


How much does it cost to build a fireplace mantel?
If we just talk about the installation of the fireplace then it would cost you under $250 but when we add the labor, installation, and other charges in it then it would cost you around $600 to $700. This also depends on the fireplace that you are going to purchase the wooden ones are the cheaper and stone fireplaces are expensive ones.
What is the best wood to make a fireplace mantel?
Hardwood is the wood that is the best wood for the fireplace because of its hardness and durability. The hardwood lasts long with your fireplace and you can also put some decorations pieces or some other stuff on it to decorate your living room. There are many other fireplace mantel kinds of wood but those are not good for the fireplace.
How big should mantle be?
The metal should be 3 inches beyond the firebox because t would be safer and when you are measuring the size of the fireplace mantel don’t guess the size you need to measure the exact size of the fireplace so, this way the mantle kit would not be long or short.
Is it hard to replace the fireplace mantel?
No the fireplace is not very hard to install especially the modern ones that are coming nowadays they have all the things included that you would need for the installation and everyone can install it in some time even if he does not have any technical background.
How do you hang a floating mantel?
The installation of the floating mantel is very easy you need to put some screws behind the mantel and then fix this above the fireplace this would solve the problem of the floating mantel.


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