Exotic Granite Countertops: Their Facts and Benefits – 2021

The Exotic Granite Countertops are surely the most charming and unique kind of countertops. Granite is usually used in super high-end projects where quality stone is a major requirement. There are so many factors to be considered while you’re planning your kitchen look and the countertops are one major thing.

Exotic Granite Countertops

There are hundreds of options for the countertops but what isn’t good about most of them is that either they get cracks after a couple of years, or start giving a dirty look even when you’ve cleaned them! And this why, Exotic granite wins over all these. They are not only the ever-lasting countertops but also, they give a completely new look every time you clean them up.

Why is Exotic Granite Rare?

Exotic Granite is super unique when it comes to its details. And what’s unique, is usually rare. So, we can say that it’s uniquely rare. If you ever see a countertop made of exotic granite, you’ll know you’ve never seen any other identical to this.

This is because there are different factors that make the exotic granite different from other slabs. The colors, patterns, quality of slabs, and their features; everything is unique about the exotic granite countertops. There are millions of different colors, patterns, and designs of exotic granite.

Benefits of Exotic Granite Countertops

There are a handful of benefits for countertops made of Exotic Granite. Make sure you take a look at these before you go for some other option for your kitchen countertops.

Highly Durable

Exotic Granite is made of a few hardest minerals and that is why it’s highly durable. It has the ability to withstand moisture and heat unlike any other. You can even place the hottest pans and pots on the countertop without having to fear getting cracks or dents on it.

Without any doubt, Exotic Granite countertops are the most heat-resistant and durable ones in the market.

Customization Freedom

With the Exotic Granite, you have the ultimate freedom to customize your countertops. You can choose the pattern, the design, colors, each and everything of your choice. Also, their patterns and textures are pretty much persistent and last forever.

Customization Freedom

Enhances your Kitchen Look

Countertops are one of the major things in your kitchen. They must be of high quality and attractive as well. Exotic Granite countertops enhance the innovative design of your kitchen and give it a wholly unique and elegant look.

They are bright, amazingly polished, and reflect natural light. Every time, you just have to wipe them with a cloth, and your kitchen is new again. They look super cool and make your kitchens look bright.

Affordable to Buy and Install

Some people might think that Exotic Granite countertops are expensive. But that’s not true. They are super affordable for the value they provide. There are various other types of kitchen countertops that are incredibly expensive but do not add much value and durability to the kitchen.

They are the ever-lasting kind of countertops and are definitely affordable to buy and install. You spend once on these, and you don’t have to spend again. Yes, they are this much good.

Increase the Worth of Your House

The Exotic Granite Countertops add a great property value to your house. They give your kitchen a super luxurious and decent look, which is hard to see for any other countertop. They give a bright and shiny look to the kitchen and definitely increase the property worth of your house.

  • Highly sustainable
  • Made of natural materials
  • Give a bright and shiny look
  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ideal for under-mount sinks
  • Hundreds of colors and patterns available
  • Stains can be easily removed
  • Resistant to all chemicals
  • Long-lasting
  • Expensive as compared to other countertops


Without any doubt, the Granite countertops and more specifically, the Exotic Granite Countertops are the Best choice for your kitchen’s classy yet decent look. They are cost-effectively and most importantly; they have hundreds of different colors and patterns to choose from.

The Exotic Granite Countertops uniquely refresh your kitchen specs and gives your kitchen a bright and absolute shiny look.


How much does exotic granite cost?
The price range for the Granite countertops ranging from the most common ones to the high-quality Exotic Granite ranges from $40 to $200. For an average quality granite countertop, you can expect to have expenses around $80 (including the installation charges).
Which is the rarest granite?
Van Gogh Granites is the rarest type of granite in the whole world. It is the most unique one ever found. It is composed of Teal marble and aqua blue color merged with white, carrot orange, and burgundy colored veining throughout its texture. Being the rarest of the kind, it is most expensive as well.
Which Granite is the most expensive?
There are a few types of granite that are extremely expensive such as Blue Granite. The blue granite further has its types; the Blue Bahria Granite and the Azul Aran. They are all highly expensive. But the one that is even more expensive than all other types of granite is the Van Gogh Granite; the rarest and the expensive granite.
What is the cheapest granite for countertops?
The cheapest type of granite is the typical black and tan granite countertops. They are the most traditional ones and a common sight in most of the not-so-high-end kitchens.
How much does level 4 Granite cost?
The level 4 granite costs typically around $65 to $75 per square foot. The price range may vary from place to place.
Is Granite going out of style?
No, not at all. Granite isn’t expected to go out of style anytime soon. Rather, according to a Global Research Report, it is growing faster than it ever did and is expected to grow even more anticipatedly in the stone market during the coming years. However, Quartz has become a competitor of Granite.


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