Comparison Between: Carpet or Hardwood in Bedroom – Which one is better?

When you build a new house or try to renovate the older one you have two options for the flooring of your bedroom. One option is the hardwood flooring that looks very luxurious and on the other hand, you have a carpeted floor.

Which is not that luxurious or shiny but it is very comfortable if we compare it to the hardwood. But now the question is which one you should go with where the confusion started.

But we are writing this article to end this confusion. We will tell you about the pros and cons of both options so you can decide which one is better for you?

Carpet or Hardwood in Bedroom

PointCarpet floorsHardwood floor
BudgetThe carpet floors are the budget and cheaper option for your bedroomThe hardwood is an expensive and luxurious option for your phone
Easy to cleanThe carpet floors are not easy to clean. You have to go through a very long hectic process to clean it.The hardwood floors are very easy to clean and you can even clean them with vacuum cleaners.
Design optionsThere are many designs and material options in the carpet floorsThere are also many designs and material options in the hardwood floors
Quiet optionThe carpet floor is the quieter option in the floorsIt is a very noisy option on the floors
Softer optionsThe carpet floors are the soft and warm options on the floor.The hardwood is hard as compared to the carpet floors
Eco-friendlyCarpet floors are made of the wool and other stuff like this so, it is eco-friendlyHardwood floors are made with natural trees wood so, they are also eco-friendly
Price per footThe price of the carpet floors are $3 to $5 per footWhile the price for the $10 to $12 per foot.



If we look around at some other good bedrooms for inspiration then we found out that they are mostly carpeted but why? There is a solid reason and that is that the carpet is fluffy and soft so, everyone wants that when they wake up their feet would be on the fluffy surface instead of hardwood.

Let’s see what are the other pros and cons of the carpet floors



The price is the biggest factor in deciding which one is better for your house. There is no doubt that hardwood is a bit luxurious and shiny but there is a huge price difference when you are selecting carpet instead of hardwood.

There are many options of quality and material in the hardwood too but still, the carpet is the cheaper option as compared to the hardwood floor so, if you are on a budget then go with the carpeted floor. It is soft and more comfortable than hardwood.


If you like the pin-drop silence in your bedroom then the best option for you is the carpet because it is soft. If you have ever noticed that when you are wearing shoes walk on the carpet floor and then on the wood floor then walking wood floor it is way louder but on the carpet, there is a very little amount of voice so, if the quieter floor is your choice then the carpet is the best option for it.

There is also some material that comes under your flooring that also has some effect on the noise in your bedroom.

No issues of scratches 

If you have children then you might relate to this problem. The children are unstoppable no matter if you do anything they would write on the floor or sometimes push their toys on the floor and that might result in scratches.

The scratches look really ugly and there is no way you can manage them until you are planning to get new flooring. But this is the benefit of the carpet flooring that once if you have the carpet floor your child can never put scratches on it and can’t write anything.

So, for the who have many kids in their home then we suggest they get the carpet flooring that cannot be scratched.



This is the first con of the carpet floors which is cleaning. If you have ever had hard floors then you should know that they are much easier to clean. You have even washed some of them with water and you are done with the cleaning.

But on the other hand, if you have to wash the carpet firstly you have to plan it and secondly it would take much more time than you ever expected. Because if you wash it then it would take a min of 3 to 4 days to dry and then fixing it on the floor is a very hectic task that is why most people avoid carpets.

Not in Trend

There was a time some years before when there was the fashion of wall to wall carpet in the whole home but now it is changed to the hardwood floors and if you see any good interior designer he would suggest you go for the hardwood floor instead of the carpet.

The carpet absorbs dust but it is very hard to clean and if you wash it once it starts to look old and dull, people avoid cleaning it. But in comparison, the hardwood is easy to clean and gives your home a luxurious look after many decades.

Installation and Replacements

If you ask us today then the carpet is one of the most complicated things to install in your house and if you are planning to replace it or wash it. Taking it out is also a huge mess and you can’t take it out a single hand you surely need some professional help.

That also might increase the maintenance expenses of your wall-to-wall carpet. That is why it is not a good choice if we see the installation and replacement process of the carpet floors.


There are two types of carpet that are really famous:

  • Carpet tiles
  • Wall Wall carpets

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are the one type of carpet that is really easy to install and it gives you the freedom of your creativity which means you can make designs according to your own taste.

Wall to Wall 

These are also one of the affordable options in the carpets. There are many design options available in this kind of carpets and they are the most durable option because they last for a long time in your bedroom even if you have the kids in your home.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring

This is one of the newest trends in the market and every interior designer suggests it because there are many options in it and it looks luxurious and beautiful.  There are some other pros and cons of the hardwood flooring that we cover in a bit, so you can choose better between the carpet and hardwood floors.



The first thing that everyone who is using the hardwood or going to use the hardwood flooring would say is that it looks great. It gives your home a very luxurious and beautiful look. There are many color and design options in the hardwood that match any kind of interior of your home. All good interior designers are suggesting hardwood flooring nowadays.

Easy to clean

The hardwood floor is much easier to clean as compared to the carpet. You need to clean the carpet after every 4 to 5 years and that is a very hectic process but you can clean the floors every morning easily.

You just need a good vacuum and now you are able to clean it on a daily basis. If the cleaning is your first choice which obviously is then you should go for the hardwood cleaning.

Increased value

Everyone knows that floors are to improve the look of your home and when you install the luxurious floors that mean your home’s market value would be increased. So, there are some people that use this tactic to improve their home’s value.

I personally witnessed a homeowner when he planned to sell his house he renovates it and installs the hardwood floors and he got a handsome amount for his house as compare to the other houses in the area hence that proved that your floor also impacts the value of your home.


If you are a freak of the eco-friendly material then your first choice would be the wooden floors because they are made more naturally as we compare it to the carpets because they are made of wool and this kind of stuff.

If you are planning to install the wooden floor then you should know that it is really easy to clean you can even throw water on it and clean the strong stains off the floor and if it comes to daily life cleaning then vacuum is enough for you.



We are comparing the hardwood with the carpet so, one thing is that it is not as soft as the carpet because it is made of wood and hard material while the carpet is made of wool which is fluffy material.

So, you should consider this thing before the installation of the hardwood floor that it is not as soft as the carpet.


As we have been saying from the beginning that hardwood is a luxurious material and if you are trying to install it in your bedroom then you should invest a bit amount in it.

There are many different designs and materials that come in the hardwood but we here will tell you about the overall rates of the hardwood floors, so you can look into your budget to see if it suits you or not?

The hardwood flooring costs around $10 to $12 per foot while the carpet floor cost around $3 to $5 per foot so, it all depends on your budget that which one do you want to choose from these two options.


If you have ever walk on the wooden floor while wearing your shoes then you might have noticed that there is a lot of noise of your shoes but if you do the same on the carpet floor then there will be no noise because the carpet is for the quieter options while the hardwood floor is not that much quieter option.

If your preference is the quieter bedroom then you should go for the carpet flooring because they are quieter as compared to hardwood options.


These floors are the expensive ones but they are also very hard to maintain because if you have kids which normally every house has then they would scratch your floor by dragging the toys or writing with their different colors.

This kind of thing does not look nice and if you want to remove it you might have to change that whole piece of the hardwood and that might increase your maintenance cost.


Oak Hardwood

This is one of the famous types of hardwood materials and also used most commonly. It is a durable option for your bedroom and many designs come in this hardwood. There are also two types of hardwood: one is red oak and the other is white oak.

Walnut hardwood

It is one of the luxurious hardwoods in the market and also the most expensive one in the market. You don’t worry about the scratches in this hardwood because it is scratch-proof hardwood.

Cork Flooring

This is also a very good mid-range hardwood material in the market that is used to decorate your bedroom. It is relatively very easy to install as compared to the other hardwoods in the market. This is not very hard as all other hardwoods so, if you need a good middle hardwood that is not hard then you can go with this hardwood.


This is the comparison between the hardwood floor and the carpet floors so, which one is the better option? There is no answer to this question because if you have limited money then you don’t have any choice other than the carpet floor.

If you want a soft and cozy bedroom then there is also one choice and that is carpet floors which come in many designs and patterns. But if you want to give your house a luxurious look then go for the hardwood floors.

They are hard and also very easy to clean and also expensive as compared to the carpet floors so, think carefully about the all points and then choose between these two options.


Is carpet still popular in bedrooms?
Yes, the carpets are still very popular in the bedrooms because they are soft and cozy and look great in the bedrooms. There are some people that don’t care about the trends but prefer comfort. But the trends of carpets in the bedrooms are coming back.
Which one is the healthier option in carpet or hardwood floors?
If we compare these two carpets then the hardwood is much healthier than the carpets because you can clean the hardwood daily but you cannot clean the carpets daily and in order to clean the carpet you have to go through a long process that most people avoid so, hardwood is the much healthier option in the market.
Is it better to have carpet or laminate in bedrooms?
The carpets are the better option for the bedrooms because we never saw the lamination work in the bedroom but it is a good option for the kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of your house but for the bedroom, it is not a good idea.
Should bedroom floors match throughout the house?
No, it depends on your personal preference. You can also go with the different floors in the bedrooms but if you want a single one in a room then that is also possible and totally fine. But as all bedrooms belong to different people so, everyone goes with their personal choice on the floor.


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