How Much Does Bathroom Remodel Cost in 2021?

Bathroom Remodeling is the new rising trend. After the remodeling of Kitchens, Bathrooms are the most popular rooms to be remodeled. No doubt, it is the most difficult thing to remodel your bathrooms, even more, difficult than that of the kitchens. But it gives your bathrooms a luxurious and elegant look.

The remodeling of the bathroom requires a lot of money as it is the most difficult and expensive home improvement project. You need a proper measurement of your bathroom and an accurate estimate of all the materials and other things that are to be used.


The first-ever thing that you need for any new construction or renovation is planning. The results obviously depend upon how nicely you have planned things.

While you’re planning things, you would definitely come across many problems. You would have to think about your budget as well. Other than just the budget, you have to plan what ideal measures should be taken in order to get perfect results.

You would have to think about what materials should you use and what bathroom essentials you want to have in your bathrooms. The color, the theme, the sizes, everything has to be decided before you make a step towards the remodeling of your bathroom.


Estimating your budget is another most important thing to keep in mind before you go for the bathroom remodeling. Your budget decides what kind of remodeling you want. The Installation of things, the Flooring, Walls, and Ceilings, everything is remodeled when we talk about bathroom remodeling.

Although there is good flexibility in the cost of different types of bathroom remodels but a greater budget would definitely bring you a more luxurious and lavish bathroom.

In case you have a limited budget, you may still go for the bathroom remodel by choosing a bit low-cost remodel.

Here is a roughly estimated Remodeling cost allocation:

  • Installation of things includes 20% of the cost.
  • Hardware and Cabinetry include 16% of your total cost.
  • Fixtures include 15% of the cost.
  • Plumbing includes 14% of the cost.
  • Flooring includes 9% of the cost.
  • Countertops include 7% of the cost.
  • Walls and Ceilings require 5% of the cost.
  • Design Fees for remodeling are about 4%.
  • Doors and Windows cover up 4% of the remodel cost.
  • While other things only include 1% of the total remodeling cost.

Labor and Materials

Other than the Planning and Budget, deciding about labor is the next step. Obviously, you cannot remodel your bathroom on your own, until and unless you are a professional. So, you need to have an estimate of the labor charges as well.

Once you have decided you budget, next you have to contact the contractor. When you speak to the contractor, make sure that you put your requirements in front of him. In case you want to buy the materials by yourself and just hire the contractor for the fitting, he should be informed before you make a deal.

Similarly, if you plan to ask the contractor to buy everything by himself, you can do that too. In this way, you won’t have to go and look for the required materials by yourself. You would just have to pay all the expenses in total.

Before you make a deal or go to buy the materials, do check out the prices and quality from different places. Also, make sure that everything is decided and has arrived at your doorstep before you begin to start the proper remodeling. This would save you from further expenses and unnecessary delays and you’ll be able to get your work done in a short time.

Types of Bathroom Remodels

Depending upon the size of your bathroom and the cost, there could be three types of bathroom remodeling. You may choose whichever is needed for your bathroom and which suits your personal requirements.

  1. Basic Bathroom Remodel
  2. Mid-Range Bathroom Remodel
  3. Deluxe Bathroom Remodel

Basic Bathroom Remodel

As it is obvious from the word “basic” that this first type of bathroom remodels is not very luxurious. You can get the basic remodel done in a low budget as well. it is basically for the smaller bathrooms and not very costly because there are less square footage and few plumbing fixtures.

Usually, the plumbing and walls make the remodel expensively. But if the surface, cabinetry, and other materials of your bathroom are in a good condition, then you do not need to go for very expensive materials. You may consider refurbishing instead of buying new materials.

One of the most important things about remodeling is the quality of the surface that it demands. This is because different climate changes may affect your bathroom surface in different ways. Hence, the surface of bathrooms is a big deal.

One thing to be noted is that if you plan to do a few tasks by yourself such as, painting the walls by using a primer or mildew resident paint, you would have to spend more than regular interior paint. This is because the sub-par materials are much costly but they are more effective in the long run.

If you plan to do so, you won’t have to again paint the walls for at least one year. This might be a better option for some people who prefer spending a little more than regular for long-term benefits rather than spending less again and again.

Cost of Typical projects:

  • Cabinets require $400 to $1500, depending upon your personal choices and requirements.
  • Flooring requires $800 to $12000.
  • Paint requires $100 to $150.
  • The sink requires around $190 to $900.
  • Toilet requires $130 to $250.
  • And other stylish embellishments would require $50 to $100.

Mid-Range Bathroom Remodel

This type of bathroom remodel is neither too luxurious, nor too basic. It is a mid-range remodel both in terms of cost and style. Basically, in a Mid-Range bathroom remodel, your bathroom may be larger or even smaller, and you can easily get the fixtures replaced instead of changing their whole location and style.

This particular type of bathroom remodel is recommended when you want to remodel and renovate your bathroom but with a few demands. For example, if you do not want to spend extra money on it. But this does not mean that you may get it done at cheap prices. It only means that you have a mid-range of expenses. Neither too high nor too low.

Secondly, if you do not want to change the location of the things in your bathroom. For example, if you’re okay with the setting of your bathroom and you want to just get things renovated without disturbing the location of any of these.

The cost of a mid-range bathroom remodel is around $10,500. This also depends on the place where you live. Because the price of materials varies from place to place. If you live in the South, the renovation of your bathroom would cost you less.  But if you live in the Northeast or West, the same thing would be costly.

In the Mid-Range Bathroom Remodel, you can either purchase the materials according to your budget range or you may decide where to spend most of your money. For example, if you want the heated floors installed in your bathroom because you do not want to step on the cold floor after a hot shower, then your focus must the flooring.

And if your home is quite old and you want the bathroom to be renovated, then replacing the outdated tiles should be your preference.

Cost of Typical Projects:

  • Your Cabinets for a mid-range bathroom remodel would need $4700 to $7000.
  • The Flooring would require $2500 to $3600.
  • Countertops would require $2800 to $4100.
  • The sink requires $1400 to $2300.
  • Toilet would need $340 to $480.
  • The Paint would need $200 to $300.

Deluxe Bathroom Remodel

Deluxe Bathroom Remodel is the most expensive and high-end renovation. It is usually done in the Master Bath Suite. For this particular Remodel, you may choose a theme of your choice, a stylish low-flow toilet, luxurious bathtub, a fireplace, stylish vanity sinks, or anything you want or desire to have in your bathrooms.

All these luxuries would definitely increase the cost to a great extent. The Deluxe Bathroom Remodel is not very commonly done. You need expert professionals to hire because when you’re spending a lot of money to get what you desire, you would surely want an expert to do this for you.

This particular type of Bathroom Remodel requires not only a large in size bathroom but also a well-equipped and well-developed one. The estimated cost of a Deluxe Bathroom remodeling typically starts from $30000 and may extend further according to your requirements and choices.

Cost of Typical Projects:

  • Cabinets for a Deluxe Bathroom Remodel would require $8000 to $13000.
  • Flooring would need $5000 to $7000.
  • The Sink would require $3500 to $6500.
  • Toilet would require $550 to $780.
  • The bathtub would need $6000 to $8000.
  • Paint for the walls would require $400 to $500.

Few Things to Consider Before you Remodel your Bathroom

Budget Considerations:

  1. Evaluate your Finances.
  2. Consider the essentials that you need for your bathroom.
  3. Keep in mind the Payment options.
  4. Stay on your Track once you have decided your budget.

Design Considerations:

  1. Cabinetry style
  2. Countertop designs
  3. Non-Slippery Floor
  4. Paint
  5. Tiles
  6. Lighting

Plumbing Considerations:

  1. Shower Design
  2. Tub Drain Size
  3. Under Cabinet Plumbing
  4. Fitted Medicine cabinets
  5. Insulated Plumbing along exterior walls
  6. Shower Flooring without any Drainage issues

Contactor Considerations:

  1. Look for a person whom you can trust.
  2. Ask for references
  3. Ask for proof of insurance from the contractor.
  4. Hire Licensed Professionals.

Summing It Up

The Remodeling of the Bathroom is pretty much common these days. The bathroom remodel gives your bathroom a whole new and luxurious look. It becomes more elegant and stylish. Moreover, the selling price of your home also greatly increases if your kitchen or bathrooms are remodeled.

So, if you plan to sell out your home, a remodeled bathroom will add great value to its selling price.

Also, you do not need to worry about the high cost that bathroom remodel demands. There are three different types of bathroom remodels which have been explained earlier in this article. So, you may choose the type of remodeling according to your own personal preferences, requirements, and budget.


Are the Bathroom Remodels worth it?
Bathroom Remodels are surely worth it. They add an extra luxurious and defined look to your bathrooms. It also increases your home’s resale value and helps it sell faster whenever you want to do so. And that too, in great deals.
How much does it cost to repair a shower room?
The repairing of a shower room roughly costs $200 to $5000. But this cost is not fixed as the cost is decided according to the damage. The greater the damage, the greater would be the repairing cost.
What is the cheapest way to remodel your bathroom?
The first thing that you can do is to limit your tiles because tiles get really expensive especially when you hire a contractor. Secondly, save money on countertops. Moreover, you can buy used materials which are in a good condition rather than purchasing new and expensive materials.
Is it possible to redo your bathroom by yourself?
Well, this depends upon how much renovation do you want. If it is about the basic things to be repaired or replaced, and you think you can do it by yourself, then you can just go for doing it by yourself. Otherwise, hiring a professional is much recommended for a better fitting of everything.

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